The Roll-On Oil

The Roll-On Oil

$ 18.00

Made to order with grape seed oil base, and a concentrated mix of our unisex proprietary blends. 1/3 oz glass roller bottle (bottles are now Amber colored), shelf life of up to one year. Petroleum free, alcohol free, phthalate free, and 100% vegan. Label illustrated by Bill Crisafi. Please allow 3 to 4 business days for your item/s to be produced.  


**For external use only. Always test on a small patch of skin first, especially if you tend toward sensitivity. Shake before each use, as natural ingredients may separate.**


Scent Options:

-Absinthio- * Latin, noun: Wormwood, Absinthe*

This delicious formula is the unmistakable scent of Absinthe. Known as A highly alcoholic Anise-flavoured spirit derived from botanicals, including the flowers and leaves of Grand Wormwood, with Anise, Fennel, and other medicinal herbs. If you've never smelled Absinthe, It will remind you of black licorice.


-Alfheim- *Old Norse, noun: Elf Home, One of the nine worlds.*

Beautifully fresh, light, airy and sweet. Leads with fresh Grass, followed by Vetiver and Honeysuckle.


-Cerimonium- * Latin, noun: Ceremony, Sacred Rite, Sanctity*

Cedar Wood, Frankincense and Myrrh blend perfectly to invoke a rich, woody warmth.


-Conservatory- *English, noun: Greenhouse, A room with a glass roof and walls, a sun parlor filled with plants*

  Layered botanicals with fresh greens and herbs. A lush blend of Rosemary, Basil, Sage, Tomato Leaf and Eucalyptus.


 -Covenstead- *Wicca, noun: A building or area that a witchcraft coven has designated as their permanent ritual area. Witch house.*

 A blend of Clove, Vanilla and Woodsmoke. It is warm, slightly sweet and very inviting.


-Gypsy- *English, noun: A member of a traveling people, A nomadic or free-spirited person, Fortuneteller.*

The magical and complex scent of layered Incenses And Resins. If you are familiar, this is very similar to Nag Champa.


-Myrkwood- *( Myrkviðr) Old Norse, Noun: The Dark Forest*

This formula leads with the scent of fresh turned earth mixed with coniferous trees, but it is not your typical "seasonal" scent. Pine, Cedar and Spruce are blended with Fresh Soil and Oud.


-Old Toby- *Middle Earth, Noun: Pipe-weed (also known as Halflings' Leaf) A strain, likely of nicotiana, grown and enjoyed much by the hobbits of the Shire.* 

The sweet and powdery scent of fresh pipe tobaccos, not unlike a walk through a tobacco shop.


-Pyre- *Latin, noun: A combustible heap for burning a dead body as a funeral rite; Funeral pyres were used in Viking and Roman culture, and later used to execute Witches by a burning at the stake.*

The distinct scent of a bonfire. Leads with Wood Smoke and Firewood with a touch of Leather.


 -Bellatrix- *Bellatrix Lestrange(née Black) (19512 May, 1998) was a pure-blood witch, the eldest daughter of Cygnus Black III and Druella Black (née Rosier) and elder sister of Andromeda Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy. She was a member of the House of Black.

  This is the unmistakable essence of Leather paired with the sweetness of Tobacco Flower. Strong, sharp, and definitely moody.


-Will-O-The-Wisp- *English, noun; (Medieval Latin: ignes fatuus) also called friar's lantern or jack-o'-lantern*

A long awaited addition to our scent collection, a Pumpkin based formula! This is a perfect Fall blend of White Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin, Squash, Cinnamon and Clove.


-Kierkegaard- *Danish, Soren Aabye Kierkegaard: existentialist philosopher, theologian, poet, religious author and obsessive coffee drinker*

This formula is straight Black Coffee. No flavors, no cream, no frills...made to smell like fresh ground and brewed beans. "At any rate, I prize coffee."-SAK


-Mary Black's Grave- *Buried in Tindall Cemetery in 1888, near West Pittsburgh Swamp in Pennsylvania. Rumored to have been a witch, legend tells that Mary Black would reach out of the ground to grab and claw at anyone brave enough to stand upon her grave and call her name 3 times.*

  What scents would you catch on the air whilst visiting Mary Black? Formulated to evoke the earthy, damp, slightly green/slightly decayed burial place that is now enveloped by murky swamp: Mud, Bulrush, Fungus and Hemlock with trampled Grass, twisted leaf bare trees and toppled headstones.


-Die Woolf Man's Grob- *(The Wolf Man's Grave), a sibling formula to Mary Black's Grave. A burial legend hailing from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. In 1899, a reclusive old man was suspected of Lycanthropy. The man had taken an interest in a young shepard girl, little May Paul. Everyday he'd appear, watching her from a distance as she tended her daily duties. And though wolves in the area were bold enough to snatch from neighboring farms in broad daylight, none ever bothered the flock tended to by 12 year old May. Locals began to say the man, being a Werewolf himself, was scaring the wolves away and protecting May and her sheep. One night, a hunter out for bounty spotted an old and gaunt wolf preparing to cross the road, and he took aim and fired. The wolf yelped, stumbling back into the dense thicket, and the hunter decided to return at first light to track it. But what was discovered the following morning was not the carcass of a wolf, but rather the body of May Paul's elderly admirer, shot through the abdomen. This of course confirmed the local gossip, and according to regional tradition, the Werewolf was buried on the spot.


  This formula is earthy like it's sibling Mary, but lacks her swampy touch. Blended with Sweet Birch, Mud, Saw Grass, Wolfsbane, and Musk to re-create the infamous burial spot. It is a perfect Fall scent, one that conjures up a forest walk on a crisp moonlit night, crunching dead leaves under foot.



-Grue Church Fire- *The Grue Church fire happened in Grue, Norway, on 26 May 1822, and took the lives of between 113 and 117 churchgoers. It is the biggest fire disaster in the history of Norway. On Pentecost, the church was filled to capacity. In the middle of the sermon that was preached by vicar Iver Hesselberg, great-great Grandfather of novelist Roald Dahl, a fire broke out on the outer wall of the southern transept, and soon the fire broke in. Within 10–15 minutes the church was completely engulfed and soon burnt to the ground.*

  This is a moody, smokey scent inspired by this great disaster. Olibanum and Pine Tar blended with Burnt Wood and Smoke. We truly tried to capture the fragrance of an old holy structure, built with layers and layers of sticky pine tar, that has been destroyed by fire. I liken it to the scent of a forest fire.