About Three Ravens

  Three Ravens is a small, independently run studio based in Panama City, Florida. I started the brand several years ago, when I fell in love with scent formulation. It's usual for me to spend weeks working on creating each scent and product; researching, mixing, and testing until each is perfect. If you could picture a woman sitting, surrounded by stacks of books and little amber glass potion bottles, then you can imagine my studio. I first began offering Three Ravens Co. through Etsy, in August of 2014. The shop relocated here, to it's own web address, in September of 2015.

  I find scent to be particularly important in setting my mood, and forever appreciate it's role in creating an atmosphere in my home and studio. I draw inspiration from an wide variety of places, tales, and beings, both ancient and modern. 

  I have always and will always continue to hand-make each item to order, in very small batches, to ensure it's highest quality. My candles are made with 100% soy wax, never a "soy blend", and are dye free, GMO free, pesticide free, phthalate free, cruelty free and lead free. All my wax is naturally sustainable, and is grown/harvested locally in the USA. I never use petroleum based ingredients, and all products are alcohol free and 100% vegan.

  As for the scents inside the products, I use essential oils when I can but the truth is, depending on the product, it's not always the safest option. Some essentials can be skin irritants, and even contain toxins. Some are safe to heat in a warmer or vaporizer, but not safe to put on skin, or put to an open flame like in candles. When the goal scent or product would be unsafe with essential ingredients, it is substituted with the very best quality plant-derived perfume oils. I have a vast library of oils of all types, and always make sure I am using the best quality, most body friendly, and environmentally safe ingredients.

  I hope this was helpful, but please always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I'm never sure that I am sharing enough information with you all, and I always welcome your inquiries.

  Thank you so much for your interest, and for your support over these past few years!